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    On large construction sites, there are always dust particles that are left over from all the debris movement. In view of that, it is required to take measures to achieve dust control. Now, in addition to the fact that implementing this guarantees better results on the construction site, it is also a benefit for the workers.

    We say this because it has been proven to reduce the risk of contamination at the respiratory level, and this in turn minimizes health insurance costs. So, it can be said that investing in this equipment is also a long-term gain.

    However, not any of these systems is the right one, as they all have different specifications. So, it is the duty of each company to see among the characteristics of each one, which one is the one that suits them.

    Importance of implementing the dust control system?

    Something vital that we can recommend, is to make sure that it is an effective equipment, and that the control method is the least aggressive to the environment. In addition, that it is within the required standards of air quality, and likewise that it is not toxic.

    But what characteristics should it have, how does it work, why is it necessary? In the following, we will take a closer look at these and other important aspects. With the purpose of informing and guiding on which one to choose.

    What functions must the dust control system perform?

    First, the purpose of these mechanisms is to absorb or quench the dust that is generated in large quantities on industrial sites. Therefore, it is one of the protective measures for all those involved. Thus, workers will be able to perform their tasks without apparent risk. Likewise, it must have a wide range to cover all areas that may present danger.

    After being clear about its main task, it must also meet the following characteristics to be considered “effective”:

    • Improve production economics: can reduce some costs significantly. It could be used as a material collector, which could then be reused or sold. Optimize ventilation flow, which ensures more active personnel every day, as the presence of diseases is reduced.
    • Be in order with the requirements of the law: the government has imposed standards that should not be overlooked, these safeguard air quality.
    • Increase the quality and productivity of workers: since the function is to remove, eliminate, suppress or remove hazardous dust particles, it creates a safe working environment.

    A beneficial bonus is that it also reduces cleaning costs. This happens thanks to the fact that dust control at the same time cleans the structures and their surroundings. On the other hand, maintenance tasks are reduced, since everything that could cause failures in electronic panels, and more is collected.

    Significant improvements in the work environment

    Another important aspect is that investing in this equipment can be crucial in manufacturing processes. We say this because, there is a wide variety of dust particles that are harmful. In addition, they can reach large diameters that need careful control, acting on the basis of their size and the influence of gravity.

    However, this whole environment of chemicals disperses fragrances that can also be toxic. What to do about this? We recommend you to hire an odor control system that in part also cooperates in the improvement of the working area by making it more comfortable.

    Why is it important and what is the best dust control?

    As we have already discussed, it is important because it reduces and even avoids a large number of risks, such as the following:

    • Safety hazard.
    • Fewer dust-related defects.
    • No airborne contamination.
    • Dust-related contamination is eliminated.

    The ideal dust control system

    The recommended and our favorite is the one that works with minimal operating costs, as well as low percentage of water. No need to use excessive toxic chemicals but is able to contain the dust on the site where it is located.

    In other words, it does not have to create unnecessary amounts of sludge, as it is completely different from the systems we commonly see. This is current equipment with effective results.

    At Cloudburst we are willing to share knowledge in advanced dust control solutions that can be customized to your specific needs. We are USA based company with more than 30 years of experience developing and innovating state-of-the-art misting solutions for many industries and clients not only in the USA, but we also have multiple representations around the world that help out having direct manufacturer presence on project sites.

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