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    Mist Cooling FAQS

    Will the mist system get us wet?

    If the misting system is properly designed and installed, the short answer is no. The longer answer is that by using the correct nozzles, high pressure misting pumps, misting fans, and misting lines Cloudburst Misting Systems can achieve remarkable cooling without getting people wet. 

    Will a misting system work in a humid climate?

    While a hot and dry climate offers the most potential cooling, excellent cooling is possible in humid environments. Practically anytime you have warm temperatures and humidity levels up to 70% it is possible to cool the air. It is also important to remember that it is the relative humidity (RH) level that is used to determine cooling potential. The relative humidity changes during the day as temperatures increase. The RH could be 90% at 7:00 am and be as low as 50% by 1:00 PM and back up to 90 % by 6:00 PM. In this example, the middle of the day would be a great time for mist cooling. 


    What is evaporative cooling?

    Mist cooling is achieved through the process called evaporative cooling where water droplets interact with the energy in the environment in the form of heat. Our state-of-the-art systems introduce billions of extremely small water droplets into the air. The droplets interact with the energy in the air and quickly flash evaporate using the energy to change from liquid water to water vapor. On hot dry days, temperatures reductions of up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit are not unheard of.


    Can mist control dust?

    At Cloudburst Misting Systems, we have developed a proprietary dust suppression technology that uses a fraction of the water and does not use any chemicals to provide superior dust suppressing in both small and large areas. Our technology both encapsulates the dust and creates a thermal gradient that keeps the dust from spreading. Our system is more ecologically friendly because they don’t require any potentially toxic chemicals while using up to 80% less water than traditional systems that can create a huge muddy mess.

    What is pre-cooling?

    When a high-pressure misting system is used correctly it is the perfect tool to cool heat exchangers, air conditioner condensers, dry cooling towers, or any air-cooled process that would work more efficiently if the ambient temperature was reduced or if higher air density would improve your system’s performance. If hot weather means you have to slow your process down or if your air conditioner cooling capacity can’t keep up; mist cooling is a perfect cost-effective solution.

    Does cooler water make mist work better?

    The short answer is not enough to bother doing it. A vast majority of the cooling achieved in evaporative cooling happens when the energy level in the water molecule is in the process of changing state from liquid to gas.


    Is mist good for greenhouse cooling?

    Yes, misting systems can provide exception cooling in greenhouses, Cloudburst systems have been used successfully to cool both commercial and hobby greenhouses for more than 25 years. Protect plants from high-temperature events or create the perfect environment for orchids, bromeliads, vegetables, and cannabis.


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