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Cloudburst Misting System’s Industrial Pre-Cooling division is among our largest. This division is responsible for the design, engineering, installation and service of pre-cooling systems for the Gas & Oil, Data, Cold Storage and other industrial/commercial industries.

CenterPoint Energy has been a regular customer of ours. Thanks to our Authorized Dealer, Southern Cool Mist in Louisiana, we have already completed several of their gas refineries and pumping stations. To date, we are pre-cooling close to 30 of their most mission-critical dry cooling towers. Each system we have installed for them has had its own mission-critical problems that we designed specific solutions for. Most commonly it is related to slowed production due to high ambient temperatures. For most installs, we were asked to deliver a 15 to 20 degree F. Delta T which we easily achieved for each and every unit. We have used a variety of equipment and install techniques depending on the individual site’s requirements. These have included everything from explosion proof electronics to over thousand-foot mist line runs above and below ground because they chose to keep the electronics out of the explosion zone.

Location Louisiana / Texas, Multiple Locations
Skills Gas & Oil Industry Pre-cooling

The Need for Speed

As natural gas demand increase, so does the demand for companies like CenterPoint Energy to keep at 100% of their production capacity. Anything less can cost them millions in lost revenue due to heat-related production slowdowns. Some plants need to cut production as much as 50% when temperatures reach their peaks. So you can see why Cloudburst’s pre-cooling systems are becoming so popular. They can reduce ambient temps as much as 30 degrees with a 20 degree F. delta consistently reached in most cases.

Please contact us if you have any pre-cooling needs or questions. Our experienced staff really knows what they are doing especially when it comes to pre-cooling large mission-critical projects. We can keep you running at 100% even on the hottest of days! Contact Us

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