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Chroma Booster

This 55-foot-tall fountain, which includes mist, water, and programmed lighting, is the focal point of a downtown El Paso pedestrian plaza between the baseball stadium and the convention center. The mist invites people to be engulfed in its cool, moist air, is in a constant state of flux. User-operated push-button valves at the base of the sculpture activate water spray nozzles allowing visitors to douse themselves with a refreshing shower. Selected for the 2016 American for the Arts Public Art Year in Review, 2017 IES Illumination Award of Merit.

Matthew Geller is a sculptor whose public artworks have won numerous awards. He purposefully uses materials from our everyday outdoor environment—anything from the mist, to swings, to canopies, to water pipes—and brings them into the realm of art. He creates a level of connection to the familiar while bringing in elements of awe and amusement. The artworks which create micro-public squares or landmarks encourage creative patterns of use. The works are spirited, accessible, participatory, and very often unexpected. By considering the behavioral design and combining strong visuals with dynamic elements that are activated by people and changes in weather, the resulting work is in constant flux. The idea is to surprise while fostering a sense of community around an unlikely object or site and extending the possibilities of what a public artwork can be.

Commissioned by the El Paso Museums & Cultural Affairs Department More About The Artist

ProjectChroma Booster, 2015
Location El Paso, TX USA
Skills Public Art and Sculpture
Artist:Matthew Geller


Cloudburst has been working with Matthew Geller for more than 15 years. We have enjoyed every project we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with him on. Not only is it always interesting, but it is also rewarding being able to see his work come alive because of his exceptional talent in incorporating mist, light, color, and structure into a beautiful, ever-changing, interactive sculpture like the Chroma Booster. There is a reason he has won numerous awards and accolades!

If you have a special effects or an art project that requires mist or fog, please call us. We know what we are doing and we love doing it! Contact Us

The Chroma Booster is just one of Mr. Geller’s several projects we will be spotlighting. The others will be showcased in future blogs and on our new social media platforms coming soon.

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