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Jamarat Bridge

Cloudburst Misting Systems, Inc. working with their Authorized Dealer in Saudi Arabia “Art Contracting Co. Ltd.” designed, built and installed a new mist cooling system for the new multi billion-dollar remodel project in Saudi Arabia. The system included 90 custom designed high-velocity fans that used 24 nozzle tri concentric mist rings all powered by four 30 gallon GPM custom pump skids with integrated controls. The project used the misting system to create a much safer and more comfortable environment for the 3 million plus people that attend the Hajj every year. The misting fans were all custom designed to throw a cooling mist an unprecedented 180 feet each while keeping the noise level below 66 dB.

Each able-bodied Muslim is expected to participate at least once in his life in a 5-day pilgrimage known as the Hajj which takes place in and around Mecca, Saudi Arabia every year. Cloudburst Misting Systems was selected to design, engineer and manufacture all the misting system components to be installed on the top level of the bridge. The top level is much more open and exposed to the extremely high temperatures that can be dangerous or even deadly for the 3 million+ Muslims that attend each year from all over the world. As part of the $1.3 billion dollar construction project, the designers of the Jamarat Bridge knew the only feasible way to cool this large of an area was with a very specialized misting fan array. Thanks to our authorized dealer and engineers we were able to come up with just the right solution to match the needs and vision of the bridge’s designers. The result is that the participants of the Hajj are now much cooler and safer after they reach this sacred place at the end of their long pilgrimage.

Interested in more information about the Hajj and the Jamarat Bridge? Watch Video

ProjectJamarat Bridge
Location Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Skills Large Customized Commercial Projects

Engineered and Built To Last

Like all of our commercial projects, Cloudburst built this very specialized system to exceed its performance expectations for many, many years. It was built and installed in 2011 and today it continues to deliver the same effective cooling power as it did from day one.

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