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Southern Copper Corporation

Cloudburst has partnered with Flesan® to become the premier dust control systems supplier for the mining industry in North and South America. These two industry leaders have come together to design, manufacture and implement game-changing dust control technology for the mining and related industries that can manage dust up to 80% more effectively than other leading technologies on the market today. Most dust control systems have a hard time controlling the volume and vastness of the dust produced by the day to day operations of mining. Without the proper mist particle size, delivery system and control technology most dust control systems simply do not work well in the mining industry. In fact, many of them are as about effective as “spitting into the wind”.

But now with the new dust control technology developed specifically for the mining industry by Cloudburst and Flesan, there is finally a real solution to this real problem. We have engineered a complete line of mobile and fixed proprietary solutions that not only work far better than the others, but they are also more cost-effective because of their quality, dependability, and efficacy. This includes the world’s largest mobile dust suppression system that can deliver a dust trapping cloud of 10-micron mist up to 200 meters away!

Our latest systems have been deployed at 2 large copper mines in Mexico and Peru owned and operated by Southern Copper Corporation. Southern Copper is the world’s largest publicly traded copper mining company and the world’s seventh largest copper mining company overall. We installed our first system with them several years ago at their Cananea Mine in Mexico. It is the largest open pit mine in Mexico and the oldest in all of North America. It was at this mine in 2016 we decided to look at the results and effectiveness of all the mining industries dust control solutions including our own and realized that there had to be a better way. Even with control systems in place, many mines receive large fines because of the dust not to mention the effect on their surrounding communities. Since then we have dedicated many resources to the designing, engineering and testing of more effective ways to control dust in this very challenging environment. The results have been nothing less than phenomenal. We have implemented several of our new technologies at the Cananea Mine with our first fully integrated system put into the Cuajone Mine in Peru also owned and operated by Southern Copper. The results have been so good that Southern Copper is ordering even more systems for their Cananea and Cuajone mines as well as changing out their entire dust control system at their Toquetala in mine to our new system.

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Our new systems include an array of new nozzle use technology, mobile delivery systems and system automation. They work far better than other systems for the mining industry and are now available in North and South America. If you have any questions or would like more information about our new mining dust control system, please contact us. Contact Us

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