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    Precooling Misting Systems

    Cloudburst has been the leader in air conditioner, refrigeration rack, dry cooler and other heat exchanger misting and precooling for decades. We have saved millions of kWhs of electricity, kept millions of tons of C02 out of the atmosphere and greatly increased the efficiency and capacity for many large and small clients. Whether you need a fully engineered system creating millions of Btu’s of cooling or a small system for a single condenser, we can provide a solution that is cost effective and easy to maintain.

    Industries Served:

    • Oil and Gas
    • Data Centers
    • Grocery
    • Power Generation
    • Any building having trouble meeting their cooling needs
    • Other
    Our precooling misting systems:
    • Reduce head pressure & increase efficiency by up to 25%
    • Boost capacity by up to 20%
    • Use less water
    • Are available in Turn-Key Custom Solutions
    • Include proprietary water treatment that really works

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